Invest in Women’s Wellness With AI-Enabled Breast Health Screening

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], March 9: Women’s well-being is important in creating successful economies and a healthy planet. This International Women’s Day, GenWorks Health celebrates women’s health and wellness by promoting AI-enabled breast health screening over clinical breast examination.

International Women’s Day is a powerful platform to raise awareness about screening and dispel myths or misconceptions surrounding the process. At GenWorks, we have always maximized all opportunities to promote education and awareness about women’s health so that they can make informed decisions and understand the importance of regular screening at an early, treatable stage. One of our chief aims has been to collaborate with healthcare practitioners to ensure that women are empowered with knowledge about screening guidelines and available resources for their well-being.

This International Women’s Day, we urge the healthcare community to understand, discuss, and highlight the importance of breast health screening. By prioritizing screening on International Women’s Day, women can take a proactive step towards early detection, which significantly increases the chances of successful treatment and survival. As opposed to clinical breast examination, early screening done with devices such as Braster Pro – AI-enabled breast Health Screening allows for prompt intervention and a better prognosis highlighting the importance of prioritizing screening as a key component of women’s health.

When it comes to breast health screening, clinical breast examination or CBE has been used by gynecology professionals to detect abnormalities in the breast. CBE is a physical examination of the breast (by hand) performed by a health practitioner to check the breast health. To make this examination a lot easier, contact thermography is a process that works on the contact of the device with the breast and uses an infrared camera that corresponds to the difference in physiological temperature between cancerous tumors and the surrounding healthy mammary gland. 

The AI-Enabled Breast Health Screening done with Braster Pro is a trusted replacement for Clinical Breast Examination. Braster Pro can be used for screening any abnormalities in a few seconds. The effectiveness of CBE relies completely on the skills and experience of the healthcare practitioner whereas inexperienced examiners might miss subtle signs of breast cancer leading to false negatives. The AI-enabled features and step-by-step guided app of Braster Pro make it user-friendly and easy to use by all, including paramedics and reduce the learning curve exponentially. 

In addition, CBE can often result in false positive findings, leading to unnecessary worry, additional tests, and potential psychological distress for the patients. However, this is not the case with Braster Pro. Once used, the device can show abnormalities quickly and if there are any then the patient can be sent for diagnosis otherwise there is no need. What’s more, the use of contact thermography along with AI helps increase the specificity and sensitivity leading to a much higher accuracy than CBE. It detects small changes, up to 3 mm. For women who have dense breast tissue, CBE is less effective and does not show any abnormalities amidst the dense tissue. What makes a device like Braster Pro stand out is that it is suitable for all breast types, making it an ideal choice for dense breast tissue patients. It can be used for all breast sizes and structures. 

GenWorks believes that prioritizing breast health screening on International Women’s Day reinforces the message of self-care and empowerment, encouraging women to prioritize their health. Promoting the use of screening devices like Braster Pro, GenWorks has already supported the installation of over 1 Lakh devices across the country. The company also has tie ups with non-governmental organizations like Rotary for promoting early breast health screening initiatives. GenWorks has organized camps in rural areas enabling many women to get themselves screened and know of any abnormalities at the right time. By making time for screening appointments and following recommended guidelines, GenWorks promotes that women demonstrate a commitment to their health and set a positive example for their families and communities. Prioritizing screening also fosters a culture of proactive healthcare, where prevention and early detection are valued as essential components of overall wellness.

International Women’s Day provides an opportunity to address disparities in breast cancer screening access and utilization among different populations. At GenWorks Health, we emphasize the importance of equitable access to screening services and addressing barriers such as cost, transportation, and cultural beliefs while empowering all women to prioritize their health and access the care they need. Promoting inclusivity and diversity in breast cancer screening initiatives ensures that all women have the opportunity to benefit from early screening and timely treatment.

Encouraging women to prioritize breast cancer screening on International Women’s Day is essential for promoting proactive healthcare, raising awareness, and empowering women to take control of their health. Mr. S Ganesh Prasad, Founder and CEO of GenWorks Health said, “This International Women’s Day, we highlight the importance of early screening with the promotion of Braster Pro in comparison to clinical breast examinations. Breast cancer screening tools such as Braster Pro offer multiple advantages over clinical breast examination (CBE) in terms of accuracy, early detection, and consistency. Here’s hoping that women across the country make informed decisions about their health and well-being, ultimately leading to better outcomes and improved quality of life.”

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