Fashion Revolutionary Bhavana Singh Empowers Readers with Debut Book “Chappals to Heels” at World Book Fair 2024

New Delhi (India), March 1: Bhavana Singh, a trailblazer in the fashion industry, known for her revolutionary approach that celebrates individuality, recently unveiled her debut book, “Chappals to Heels,” on 10th February at the esteemed World Book Fair 2024. Published by Invincible Publishers, this book is poised to redefine fashion narratives, emphasizing diversity, authenticity, and empowerment.

Bhavana Singh’s mission goes beyond designing clothes; it’s about empowering individuals through style. Rejecting stereotypes and embracing hassle-free fashion, she champions beauty in every individual, fostering a culture of inclusivity and self-expression.

“Chappals to Heels” serves as a testament to Bhavana Singh’s remarkable journey from struggle to success in the fashion realm. Within its pages lie invaluable insights, style mantras, and outfit formulas tailored for aspiring professionals and fashion enthusiasts alike. Through her book, she endeavours to inspire readers to pursue their fashion dreams with boundless potential and unwavering confidence.

Reflecting on her journey, Bhavana Singh shared, “Fashion is a medium of empowerment—a means to celebrate diversity and embrace authenticity. ‘Chappals to Heels’ encapsulates my journey of self-discovery and empowerment, offering readers a glimpse into the transformative power of style. My hope is that it ignites a spark within individuals to fearlessly pursue their unique fashion aspirations.”

Invincible Publishers, renowned for its commitment to promoting diverse voices and impactful narratives, is honoured to publish “Chappals to Heels.” This book is more than just a memoir; it’s a manifesto for a fashion revolution—a call to arms for individuals to embrace their uniqueness and rewrite the rules of style.

“We are thrilled to partner with Bhavana Singh in bringing ‘Chappals to Heels’ to readers worldwide,” stated a spokesperson for Invincible Publishers. “Her vision of fashion as a tool for empowerment resonates deeply with our values, and we believe this book will inspire readers to embrace their individuality and unlock their full potential.”

The launch of “Chappals to Heels” at the World Book Fair 2024 promises to be a momentous occasion, celebrating the intersection of fashion, empowerment, and literature. Attendees can anticipate an immersive experience, including a lively discussion with Bhavana Singh, book signings, and an exploration of the book’s key themes.

“Chappals to Heels” by Bhavana Singh is now available for purchase at leading bookstores and online retailers worldwide, starting February 10th, 2024.

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About Bhavana Singh:

Bhavana Singh is a revolutionary figure in the fashion industry, celebrated for her unique approach that celebrates individuality and diversity. With a mission to empower individuals through style, she has redefined fashion norms, rejecting stereotypes and embracing authenticity. “Chappals to Heels” marks her debut as an author, offering readers insights and inspiration to pursue their fashion dreams with confidence.

About Invincible Publishers:

Invincible Publishers is a leading publishing house committed to promoting diverse voices and empowering authors to share impactful stories. With a focus on quality literature that inspires and educates, Invincible Publishers aims to make a meaningful contribution to the literary landscape.

About Sagar Setia:

Sagar Setia, the pioneering founder of Invincible Publishers, is known for his visionary leadership and transformative impact on the publishing industry. With a keen focus on changing the culture of publishing, Setia is an expert in marketing and distributing brands and individuals. His innovative strategies have not only elevated the Invincible brand but have also facilitated the rise of numerous influential YouTubers in India. Setia’s dynamic leadership has positioned him as the driving force behind Invincible, revolutionizing the way publishing is perceived and executed.

About Bhavana Singh:

Bhavana Singh is a pivotal figure in the current era of the fashion world. Without her, there simply wouldn’t be as much vitality. When one thinks of “fashion,” Bhavana Singh is likely the first name that comes to mind. Yet, fashion encompasses more than just Bhavana Singh herself; it extends to how people choose to live their lives and express themselves. Fashion is the outward expression of new ideas, which in turn fuels business growth. For Bhavana Singh, the business of fashion starts with a single idea—this idea could be as unexpected as a lampshade. Through her #transformwithbhavana initiative, she guides fashion followers and creators to explore and amplify their creativity, all in relation to her initial idea.

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