Companies Join Hands with MilitaryToCorp to Recruit Women Veterans

Diverse Forces, Diverse Workplaces: Companies Join Hands with MilitaryToCorp to Recruit Women Veterans

New Delhi (India), February 24: Meet Major Sonia Singh, a former officer in the Indian Army who served in the Signals (military telecommunications) for 10 years in a leadership role including deployment in J & K as well as North-East. During the time of her transition in Feb 2023, she got to know of an upcoming women veteran-specific drive named HWW-Hire Women Warriors. She registered for the drive online and found herself not just a job but a career at a leading tech firm. Her leadership skills honed on the battlefield proved invaluable in steering teams towards success in corporate India.

In the past, MilitaryToCorp has worked with many Fortune500 and growing firms in India such as Logistics, Investment Banking, Infra, Telecom, Aviation, Consulting and many more for their diversity (military) hiring mandates (both tech /non-tech roles)

Many MNCs, Fortune 500 and growing firms in India such as Logistics, Investment Banking, Infra, Telecom, Aviation and Consulting which have a culture of hiring diverse workforce have participated in the past in this virtual event which is conducted on an AI-enabled Tech platform. Last year was the third edition of this job fair where 35% of the participating women leaders were rolled out with offer letters. Following its successful three seasons, this year, MilitaryToCorp-M2C is set to conduct this Women Veteran job fair on the occasion of International Women’s Day on 12th March 2024. 

The drive will be conducted on a virtual platform while maintaining the look and feel of a physical job fair and is an extremely user-friendly job platform. Ahead of the drive, M2C is organizing various webinars on the business advantages as well as best practices around hiring women veterans to create awareness in the corporate ecosystem.

Rahul Sharma, CEO – Business Head of MilitaryToCorp is quite confident about the potential of women military veterans in the corporate world. “Hardened by the rigorous military life, women veterans are well-equipped to decode the struggle in the modern corporate sector. This event HWW- Hire Women Warriors will be the connecting dots between competent women veterans and corporate jobs. It will help the companies and veterans alike as it will let them grow together in a symbiotic manner,” he shares.

While the global corporate sector is focusing on encouraging women hiring in the companies, India lags much behind when it comes to the representation of women in the workforce. 

As per a report by research firm Catalyst, “out of 158 largest MNCs in India, women hold only 15 % of board seats and only 6% are board chairs”.  There are only a few women leaders in senior-level roles and the higher we look, the lesser they are.

One effective and structured approach employed by many F-500 companies in the U.S. is looking at candidates from lesser-known sections such as the military. In India too, veteran hiring has picked up pace over the last few years and companies are looking at diversities such as military.

Rimple Khandka, an ex-military leader and a career transition coach, says, “Women’s leadership and business acumen have already gained worldwide recognition. In this situation, not accepting gender diversity can be a bad strategic move for any Indian business as they will miss out on a lot of exceptional talents. M2C brings both military diversity and gender diversity together, benefitting the Indian corporate ecosystem with double diversity talent.”

M2C is placing women veterans across various roles including Project management, Cyber Security, Logistics Operations, Operations & Maintenance, Human resource roles with leading Companies. Following this HWW job fair, the organization also plans to arrange for single-company drives and internship programs for companies that will have more hiring demand for women veterans.  

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