Parul P Agarwal – Tarot Predictions 2023

Parul P Agarwal is an award-winning Celebrity Tarot Reader, Numerologist and Past Life Healer.

November 07: With just two months to go, New Year 2023 is all set to ring the bell. Since New Year is an opportunity to take right decisions that can tread you in the right path, so lets understand the energy of this new year and see what it has in store for all of us.

2023 adds up to the Number 7 numerologically which is the number of wisdom & spirituality. So, overall energy of this year is directing you to look inwards. If 2022 which was number 6 was all about networking, socializing and growing with others, then 2023 is all about stepping back from the rat race and focus on your inner growth now. The theme for this year is self-care, clarity and intuition.

Now, let’s look at the collective yearly predictions for all zodiacs.

ARIES (21 Mar – 20 Apr) – This year you can look forward to new connections, partnerships and collaborations. You can expect money gains by working in harmony with others. You are advised to listen to your intuition and avoid taking hasty decisions as they may not suit you. In relationships, keep your emotions in control as expectations can lead to disappointments. It’s a good year to be self-disciplined be it health, work or relationship as consistent efforts will bring rewards. The guidance for this year is to believe in yourself and take appropriate actions to succeed!

Lucky Colours – white, off-white and cream

TAURUS (21 Apr – 20 May) – This year you can look forward to new ideas, projects and opportunities. If you have been contemplating job change then this is the good year to do so. The seeds you will plant this year will reap rewards for you in the coming years so be careful what you sow! You are advised to introspect what you need to keep and what you need to let go of. Avoid sharing your plans with everyone and silently work on your goals so that success can shout later. Relationships will be warm and loving but there could be trust issues so build up on that. Healthwise, you are advised to not just take care of your physical health but mental and emotional health too.

Lucky Colours – yellow & green

GEMINI (21 May – 20 Jun) – This year you can look forward to strong foundations, security & happiness. Expect growth and expansion at work with new opportunities landing at your door. In relationships, expect deepening of bonds but beware of getting into toxic patterns. Singles can expect love proposals. You are advised to avoid extremes of any kind be it work, relationship or health. Take rest and reconsider your choices wherever necessary. Your loved ones would be supportive and loving. Overall, this is the year of slow and steady growth.

Lucky colours – Yellow and purple

CANCER (21 Jun – 22 Jul) – This year you can look forward to money gains and abundance coming in. There will be fruition of projects and new start ups. In case you were expecting financial support, then it will come this year. Relationships will be comforting and those planning to conceive or start their family can expect good news. However, you are cautioned to stay away from gossip mongers and getting caught in other people’s drama. The key to succeed this year is to focus on your growth and your family. The more you give this year, the more will multiply and come back to you.

Lucky colours – pink, red

LEO (23 Jul – 23 Aug) – This is the year of spiritual growth. You will be able to breakthrough the patterns of the past and move forward to a period of stability. Those in relationships can expect to get married and start a family. This year you will spend less time socializing and more with family. You are cautioned to stay away from two faced people as someone is likely to break your trust. Relationships could be loving but could have insecurity issues. Work will bring satisfaction and rewards. Few can build or shift to a new house. Overall, this year you will rise above your obstacles and achieve great heights.

Lucky colours – Orange, Red

VIRGO (24 Aug – 22 Sep) – This year you can look forward to good times, rituals, ceremonies and weddings. Expect meeting strong connections, networking and gains. It’s a good year to learn and hone new skills. Few can even go abroad for further studies or job. You can increase in position and authority but for that you need to focus mainly on growth and career. People in relationships can expect settling down and singles can expect new proposals. Overall this is the year of logic and commitment.

Lucky colours – orange, red

LIBRA (23 Sep – 23 Oct) – This year you will go through major breakthroughs that will you help you evolve as a wiser person. Workwise, you can expect stability, harmony and new opportunities. In relationships, there would be peace and harmony. Old conflicts will get resolved. Singles can meet someone online or can get into a long distant relationship. You will acquire lots of material possessions this year. But there could be a tendency to be distracted or confused this year so it is advised to spend some time alone to gain clarity. Overall, this is a year of choices. Every good choice will elevate you in your career.

Lucky colours – black and blue

SCORPIO (24 Oct – 22 Nov) – This is the year of learning and growth.  You can expect start ups, new projects and new opportunities. People in relationships will have a stable and harmonious year. Singles are likely to meet their soulmate this year. It’s a good year to venture into something you love or partner with someone. Few people may disappoint you this year but remember not to take anything personally. This year will prove lucky for you as you will be supported by the universe in your efforts. Overall this is the year of having faith in yourself and persevering to succeed.

Lucky colours – yellow, pink, red

SAGITTARIUS (23 Nov – 21 Dec) – This year you will shine like a star. You will be able to overcome the darkness of previous year and be successful at your work. You can expect pleasant surprises and achievements this year. In relationships, You can expect love and support from the loved ones but there could be some disappointing moments as well but do not worry as they will help you learn some important soul lessons. Workwise, you will be appreciated and will be able to create a mark for yourself. Overall, there could be some ups and downs but this is the year to rise above trivialities and have a positive outlook in life.

Lucky colours – white, off-white and pastels

CAPRICORN (22 Dec – 20 Jan) – This is the year of financial growth. Work will be steady and you can charter into new territories or expand the existing work. Travel is on the cards. Money gains could come from foreign lands. Those in relationships can expect stability and loyalty. Singles can get into new relationships this year. Work load could increase this year so take care of your stress and anxiety. You are advised to ask for help and delegate wherever possible. Overall, this year’s focus is on expansion.

Lucky colours – brown, sea blue 

AQUARIUS (21 Jan – 18 Feb) – This is a mixed year for you as on one hand you will touch the pinnacles of success and on the other hand there could be lows as well. Expect a busy and hectic year as you will be involved in lots of activities this year. Those involved in online work will gain this year. Relationships would be comforting but you are advised to stay away from fake friends as they may turn cold in times of adversity. You can expect name and fame at work so be aware of some people being jealous of you. Overall, you are advised to stop caring about what the world thinks about you instead simply spread your wings and sour higher.

Lucky colours – orange and yellow

PISCES (19 Feb – 20 Mar) – This is the year of healing and transformation. Few can expect reversal in roles and a total change in career. You will gain positions of authority and establish important connections. At the same time, many people will leave your life as they may be egocentric and could drain your energy. Those in relationships can expect to settle down this year and singles can expect to find their true love this year. Overall, you are asked to heal and release this year your own toxic patterns so that you can enter a period of stability and growth.

Lucky colours – black, red

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