Top 10 Most Influential Indian Entrepreneurs You Must Watch in 2024

New Delhi (India), March 14: India, with its burgeoning entrepreneurial landscape, continues to produce visionary leaders who are reshaping industries and inspiring millions. Here’s a curated list of the top 10 Indian entrepreneurs poised to make significant waves in 2024:

1) Ritesh Agarwal: The success journey of Ritesh Agarwal, from a dropout to a billionaire, is quite inspirational. At 30 years old, Ritesh Agarwal, a billionaire from India, is the founder and CEO of OYO, the world’s most affordable hotel chain. He embarked on his journey at the age of 20 with a vision of creating a solution for people looking for affordable hotels worldwide, and he is on the path to achieving his goal. OYO Rooms, on average, generates about $56.6 million every month and has over 3000 employees in 800 cities across 80 countries. At just 25 years old, Ritesh became the world’s second-youngest self-made billionaire.

2) Arun Pandit: Arun Pandit Ji, renowned as Astro Arun Pandit, has revolutionized astrology and numerology in India. He inherited a legacy of excellence in these mystical arts from his father, a revered astrologer. Through the relentless pursuit of knowledge and formal education, he became a Gold Medalist Astrologer, blending tradition with scientific rigor. Arun Pandit Ji’s philanthropic endeavors and visionary entrepreneurship further distinguish him as he continues to inspire and innovate, shaping the future of these ancient sciences.

3) Azhar Iqubal: Azhar Iqubal, CEO of Inshorts, joins Shark Tank as a judge for Season 03. Born in Kishanganj, Bihar, India, Azhar’s journey started with a thirst for knowledge despite limited resources. Azhar co-founded “News in Shorts” during his college days, which later evolved into the Inshorts app.

4) Divyansh Sengar: Divyansh Sengar, a dynamic entrepreneur from Uttar Pradesh, symbolizes resilience and determination, transitioning from adversity to accomplishment. Despite facing setbacks in his academic journey, Divyansh’s unwavering resolve fueled his pursuit of greatness. Immersed in the world of digital marketing, he embraced challenges as opportunities for growth, ultimately emerging as an affiliate marketing maven amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Through mentorship, Divyansh empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to unlock their potential and achieve financial independence, embodying the transformative power of self-belief and unwavering determination. His journey serves as a beacon of inspiration for the youth, urging them to pursue their dreams with courage and conviction.

5) Sudhir Kove: Sudhir Kove’s journey from humble beginnings to entrepreneurial success is a testament to resilience and determination. His passion for graphology ignited a mission to empower others, especially during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Establishing the Sudhir Kove Life Transformation Academy, he offers courses in wristwatch analysis, numerology, astrology, and scientific logo design. Sudhir’s vision for the future includes a healing center focused on Vedic science, showcasing his commitment to holistic wellness and personal transformation. Through his journey, Sudhir inspires countless individuals to pursue their own paths to greatness.

6) Falguni Sanjay Nayar: Falguni Sanjay Nayar, CEO of Nykaa, founded the company, formerly FSN E-Commerce Ventures, based on her initials. Raised in a Gujarati family in Mumbai, she drew inspiration from her father’s business acumen in managing a bearings company. Born on February 19, 1963, Nayar’s upbringing instilled a deep appreciation for commerce. She earned a Bachelor’s in Commerce from Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics and pursued a Master’s at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. Nayar’s journey reflects her entrepreneurial spirit, driving her to establish Nykaa as a leading beauty and lifestyle retailer in India.

7) Sakshi Chandraakar: Sakshi Chandraakar’s inspiring journey is a testament to the resilience and determination within each of us. From facing setbacks to launching her own career branding programs, she embodies the spirit of perseverance. Her mantra, “Rise with Excellence,” speaks to the human desire to overcome challenges and strive for greatness. Through her guidance, countless individuals have found empowerment and growth, illustrating the transformative impact of believing in oneself and embracing life’s opportunities.

8) Vishnu Acharya: Vishnu Acharya currently heads corporate strategy and M&A at Razorpay. He claims to have closed deals worth $200 million across over 12 acquisitions while expanding Razorpay’s business in new areas and markets. Three years ago, Acharya and the core team of Razorpay floated an angel fund, MarsShot, to back promising founders. After speaking to 400 founders, he invested in over 35 of them through the fund across SaaS, consumer, and B2B. Harshil Mathur, co-founder, and CEO of Razorpay, say Acharya’s team will play an instrumental role as the fintech prepares for an IPO in the next two to three years.

9) Sameer Satyarth: Sameer Satyarth, a self-made millionaire at just 20 years old, started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 14. He is considered one of India’s youngest entrepreneurs. He began with his company, Raidonnews, which crossed a revenue of $38,300+ in just 3 years. He is also a co-founder of other companies named Fox Wing Media LLP and Gemrishi. Sameer is among the top PR professionals in India, known for his brand building strategies and frameworks.

10) Aadit Palicha: Aadit Palicha and Kaivalya Vohra found themselves back in Mumbai when the pandemic hit. The duo were studying at Stanford and decided to take a year off instead of opting for online classes. What started as a WhatsApp group in an apartment in Mumbai to help elderly neighbors get groceries easily amid lockdowns is now one of India’s fastest-growing internet companies with 150 stores and a target of annualized sales of $200 million by April 2025. The recent unicorn is valued at $1.6 billion and raised $235.4 million in 2023, backed by StepStone, Nexus, and Oliver Jung, among others.

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