Smart Lift & Mobility World 2024 launched in Bengaluru

Hosted by Virgo Communications & Exhibitions P Ltd, the event heralds a new era of innovation, safety, and sustainability in vertical and horizontal mobility solutions.

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], March 1: Smart Lift & Mobility World 2024 (SLM World 2024) was flagged off todayat the BIEC in Bangalore, India, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of the elevator and mobility sectors. Hosted by Virgo Communications & Exhibitions P Ltd, the event heralds a new era of innovation, safety, and sustainability in vertical and horizontal mobility solutions. Over the span of this comprehensive 3 day event, industry stakeholders from across the globe will convene to explore cutting-edge technologies, exchange knowledge, and celebrate excellence in the field.

SLM World 2024 Expo serves as a melting pot of ideas and innovations, with its international exhibition showcasing the latest advancements in Elevators, mobility solutions & access control technologies. The event provides a unique platform for manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers to present their products and solutions to a global audience. Special emphasis is placed on mid and small builders, who represent a significant portion of the elevator buying market. The expo enables these stakeholders to meet new players, compare solutions, and make informed decisions tailored to their specific needs. Over 130+ exhibitors are present at the venue from 01 March 2024.

“Launching Smart Lift & Mobility World 2024 marks a pivotal step towards revolutionizing India’s urban development through enhanced lift and mobility solutions. This event is not just a platform but a catalyst for integrating cutting-edge technologies and smart innovations into the fabric of our cities, making them more accessible and efficient. The insightful discussions and expert panels underscore the urgent need for collaborative innovation in building inclusive, sustainable spaces. It’s our mission to lead this transformative journey, ensuring a brighter, more connected future for India’s urban landscapes,” stated Mrs. Anitha Raghunath, Director at Virgo Communications& Exhibitions P Ltd.

Elevator World India Summit 2024 will be an exclusive forum highlighting the technological and digital advancement coupled with integration between the building access and people flow management. Prominent dignitaries from across the globe will addresses this changing paradigm influencing the future of the Vertical and Horizontal Transportation (VHT) industry, while focusing on the twin imperatives of inclusivity and sustainability. A focused platform to discuss, deliberate and present every relevant facet of these new-age game changers, it will comprise panel discussions and informative sessions enriching the VHT and building access industry with new perspectives and learnings.

“Seeing the lift and mobility community unite here in Bangalore for Smart Lift & Mobility World 2024 truly underscores the event’s role as a premier knowledge-sharing platform. This summit has catalyzed the convergence of minds, ideas, and innovations, fostering a collective mission towards advancing our industry. The enthusiasm and participation from across the country signify a monumental gathering, akin to a family reunion, where every discussion, panel, and session enriches our understanding and propels us forward. Particularly, the Elevator Safety Run has emerged as a highlight, symbolizing our shared commitment to safety and exemplifying the collective spirit that defines this event,” remarked Mr. Raghunath, Director at Virgo Communications & Exhibitions P Ltd

The Elevator Safety Run stands as a pioneering global initiative, underscoring the critical importance of safety within the elevator industry. It aims to unify stakeholders from around the world in a shared commitment to enhancing safety and elevating public consciousness about this essential issue. The event, slated for March 2, 2024, anticipates the participation of over 3,000 runners in both physical and virtual formats. Highlighting the day’s significance, a record-setting flag formation involving 2,024 individuals will take place, aimed at raising awareness about elevator safety and also rescuing girl child. This historic act seeks not only to set a new benchmark in the India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records but also to spotlight crucial social issues, reinforcing the event’s overarching message of community, safety, and awareness.

Smart Lift and Mobility Awards 2024 celebrates those pioneers who have set new standards in the Vertical and Horizontal Transportation (VHT) industry, real estate, and architectural design by integrating and maximizing the latest technological advancements from conception to execution. Recognizing the invaluable contributions of these innovators, the awards serve to highlight their role as exemplars in enhancing accessibility, mobility, inclusivity, sustainability, and security through their projects. This prestigious event will gather luminaries from the construction and real estate sectors, along with government representatives, acknowledging their pivotal role in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in our built environment.

At the helm of this transformative initiative is the seasoned management team of Virgo Communications & Exhibitions P Ltd, boasting over five decades of collective experience within the elevator domain. Their deep-rooted knowledge and proven track record in orchestrating international expos and publications have been instrumental. Since its inception in 2007, Virgo has been at the forefront of pioneering ventures, including the launch of specialized expos for the elevator and escalator industry in India, the debut of Elevator World India magazine, and the expansion of the elevator expo’s footprint to burgeoning markets across Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Africa.

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