Paras Ghee pledges ‘Growth Ka Booster Dose Har Roz’ for building immunity in traditional ways

New Delhi (India), June 10: Packed with 60 years of pure love and dedication to quality, Paras Ghee from VRS Foods Ltd. is made from the finest milk collected directly from more than 5,600 villages. The collected milk is hygienically processed in 5 automated plants in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

VRS Foods has decades of experience in delivering goodness and nourishments through top quality traditional dairy products. They have launched a new campaign for their flagship brand Paras Ghee  “Growth ka booster dose har roz”.

The impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic made it clear that dependency on modern medicines cannot be an answer to our health problems. We need a holistic approach to managing our health and hygiene. We need to strengthen our bodies from the inside.

Fortunately, our forefathers and rishis who practised Ayurveda explained the secrets of building health. Ayurveda has extensively recommended and advised how, when and what to eat. As per the herbal medication prescribed in Ayurveda, the right amount of pure desi ghee is suitable for the body, bone joints and brain development, especially for a child’s growth. Western researchers recognise ghee as a superfood as it contains CLA, Butyric Acid, Antioxidants and vitamins A, D, E, and K. Paras ghee packs all the nutrient values and healthy fats of traditional ghee, as mentioned in Ayurvedic scriptures.

“People are realizing the relevance of ghee with the modern-day health challenges.

Since the COVID lockdown, ghee has gained traction as a healthier alternative to cooking in refined and Hydrogenated oil. Ghee is good for your family’s health and your child’s growth. Paras Ghee brand positioning and campaign communication rests on a fresh line of thinking. It is modern, more relevant and is rooted to the central promise of “Aap ke Baccho ke Growth ka Booster Dose, Har Roz.” -Rajendra Singh, Managing Director, VRS Foods Ltd. said.

“While ghee in general is a rich source of vitamins and healthy fats, no brand so far took cognisance of this. Paras Ghee took the opportunity of occupying this space, smartly focussing on this as support for their new brand positioning. Besides, the relevance of the word ‘booster’ in the context of Covid, this positioning imbibes all the benefits centred around a mother’s most important dream, the growth and development of her child.” -Sandeep Singla, Head of Marketing, VRS Foods Ltd. said.

The new brand positioning will be rolled out through Digital Films, Outdoor, Print and Multimedia over the coming months.

PARAS’ history goes back to 1960 when the Organisation started its operations with just 60 litres of milk everyday. The only strength that worked right from day one for the Organisation is the quality, which remains the primary driving force behind its success today. Ch. Ved Ram, the founder and promoter of VRS Foods (the Company), is one of the connoisseurs in the dairy farm industry. Ved Ram & Sons started as a partnership company in April 1986.

The first unit was established in 1987 under the name of VRS Foods Limited. Since then, it has embraced rapidly changing technology; production units are well armed with the latest equipment and quality control processes.