Hindustan Infrastructure Achieves a Milestone in Gujarat’s GIFT City with Shivalik Sky View : Largest Raft of Gujarat in 100 Hours

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], March 7: The iconic vision of the world’s most beloved leader and honourable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi led to the development of GIFT City. GIFT City represents Gujarat’s ambition to create a global financial and tech hub and is envisioned to haveworld class infrastructure. As a centre piece of Gujarat’s urban and economic development, GIFT City is attracting attention for its state-of-the-art infrastructure and smart city solutions, setting a new standard for urban living and economic dynamism in India. It has already brought in a lot of global financial firms who have set up their swanky offices and along with them, top intellectual talent has arrivedwho would be looking for swanky residencies that match their aspirational levels.

Enter Shivalik Group with its “Shivalik Sky View” project right in the heart of GIFT city.Shivalik Sky View is designed to offer an unparalleled living experience, with luxurious 2 and 3 BHK residences that are a testament to modern living and architectural finesse. This project is not just about creating homes but about crafting a lifestyle that aligns with the future of urban living, nestled within the vibrant ecosystem of GIFT City.

Such massive projects also require flexing the engineering prowess of construction raw material businesses. Such daring vision brought in requirement of Gujarat’s largest raft foundation for the construction. Chitrak Shah, Director of Shivalik Group, provided a focused insight into the raft foundation’s significance, stating, “The raft foundation for ‘Shivalik Sky View’ is more than a structural base; it’s the foundation of our dream to create a residence that stands as a beacon of luxury and sustainability in Gujarat. This achievement underlines our commitment to excellence and innovation in every aspect of our work.”

In a demonstration of engineering prowess and collaborative excellencein conjunction with Shivalik Group, Hindustan Infrastructure has marked a significant milestone in Gujarat’s urban development narrative. The completion of the largest raft foundation for the “Shivalik Sky View” in the heart of GIFT City, Gandhinagar, is not just an achievement in construction but a testament to the visionary approach towards building sustainable and luxurious living spaces in India’s burgeoning urban landscapes.

Over a span of 100 hours of incessant concreting, involving SIX RMC plants, all owned by Hindustan Infrastructure, to ensure a steady supply of quality M40 grade green concrete, the project has set new benchmarks in the industry not only in matters of sustainability but also in reducing carbon footprints. With 8460 cubic meters (CMT) of concreting, supported by 8613 steel bar benders and facilitated by 1200+ trips with 60 Transit Mixers, the project’s scale and complexity were managed with unparalleled precision. Managing the optimum concrete temperature levels to deliver strongerconcreting was well planned and executed by Hindustan Team. A combined workforce of more than 500 dedicated individuals brought this vision to life, embodying the spirit of innovation and teamwork.

Director of Hindustan Infrastructure, Chirag Thakkar remarked, “This achievement is a monumental testament to what can be achieved when innovation meets determination. It is rare to use a single vendor for even a 2000-3000 CMT raft to avoid any hassles as raft is the most crucial part of foundation of any building. But for such a large raft, using a single vendor is unheard of as per my knowledge. We have been sole supplier in Ahmedabad metro ballast tracks as well outpacing national brands in concrete industry. We are grateful to Shivalik to give us an opportunity to contribute to Gujarat’s development and set new standards in the construction industry.”

Taral Shah of Shivalik Group showed immense trust in Hindustan Infrastructure’s team and awarded the entire order to this single vendor, a move that speaks volumes about the partnership and confidence in the abilities of Hindustan Infrastructure. Hindustan Infrastructure’s director, Keval Thakkar, was on ground zero, constantly monitoring the progress of the raft. His leadership was pivotal in keeping the entire workforce of 500 men motivated until the successful completion of the raft. The dedication and synergy of the team were evident as they worked tirelessly to achieve this engineering feat.

Remarkably, even after using minimum cement, the structure received 125% of the anticipated strength within 28 days. This level of strength makes “Shivalik Sky View” a super-strong structure, setting a new benchmark for the industry not only in sustainability but also in structural integrity.The project’s completion marks a new horizon for Gujarat, showcasing the potential of collaborative innovation and the state’s readiness to embrace the future.

In a broader context, the success of such projects is a beacon of India’s capacity to undertake and complete projects that match global standards, driving forward the nation’s urban development agenda with an eye towards sustainability, luxury, and technological integration.

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