ATT World aims to save 10 Lakh Litres of water every day by the end of 2022 with project HoJo – The Last Hope for Water

(ATT World a MARCOM agency from India is all set to save crores of litres of water with HoJo – The Last Hope for Water)

Patiala, Punjab October 29: Everyone has their own way of celebrating Diwali; ATT World, a MARCOM agency from Patiala, decided to celebrate by escalating its efforts to save the environment by upscaling its project HoJo – The Last Hope for Water.

Giving information about the project and vision, Mr. Gitish Singla (founder of ATT World) elaborated by narrating their journey; ATT World was founded to provide MARCOM services in a way that the campaigns and methods used in advertising either save the environment or at least don’t harm it. Working towards this vision, various campaigns were executed for businesses which had a positive impact on nature as well as providing a really good reach for these brands.

“During one such campaign executed at a reputed school of Patiala, the team fell in love with the concept of water conservation”, stated Mr. Bhawani Katoch (Co-Founder of ATT World). During this event, students from the school were given pipe extenders to collect water from the RO purifiers installed at their homes and reuse this water in household chores. The main aim was to instil the idea of conservation in young minds as per the vision of the institute. As a result, students introduced various ideas and actually started reusing this water in cleaning, water coolers, gardening, washing utensils etc.

The name of the project, HoJo, also has a story associated with it. Ho comes from H2O, the chemical representation of water, and Jo stands for Joker. As in playing cards, the picture card known as Joker has the power to change the entire game. Therefore HoJo denotes the last hope of water. Informed Mr. Abhijeet Sher Singh (Creative head ATT World).

For Project HoJo, ATT World aims to collaborate with 100+ brands and organisations that can promote three main concepts of water conservation among at least 100 people from their network, which enables them to save at least 100 litres of water every day. The calculation is very simple 100 brands/organisations X 100 people X 100 Litres a day = 10,00,000 Litres a day. Elaborating further on the stats, Mr. Gitish gave information about the three major Ideas.

Reuse of rejected water from RO

To filter one litre of water, a regular RO purifier rejects six to seven litres of water. This water, despite being high in salts, is free from impurities and can be used for multiple household chores like cleaning, sprinkling, gardening etc.

An average family of 4 consumes at least 15 -20 litres of filtered water each day. So if they are able to collect and reuse this water, they can easily join the group by saving 105 to 140 litres of water regularly. In large buildings where there are larger RO purifiers, this water can be diverted into the storage tanks for the washroom and can be utilised for flushing and washing hands.

Moisture collected from Airconditioners

Water collected by air conditioners is the purest form of water. i.e. it is free from all kinds of salts. This makes it unfit for drinking, but it can be used for several other activities, such as cleaning and washing utensils, or it can also be directly harvested.

This water is usually drained away but has the potential to be used in various chores, which in turn replace fresh water being used for the same purpose.

Community Rainwater Harvesting

Most of the houses do not have the facility for rainwater harvesting, and it is at the time not viable considering the ground reality of the space constraint in these houses. ATT world proposes to guide and associate with Resident Welfare Associations to install community rainwater harvesting plants which will help to restore groundwater and also reduce the problem of water logging in their surroundings.

ATT World plans to achieve this target by the end of 2022, along with providing free consultation for water conservation. ATT World will also provide all its services at heavily discounted prices for all the brands that contribute towards achieving this target.

Summing up this conversation, Mr Gitish Singla, Mr Bhawani Katoch and Mr. Abhijeet Sher Singh collectively requested everyone to contribute to project HoJo by saving water, as each drop saved will be a positive step towards a bright future for our future generations. The team encouraged people to share their water conservation ideas on their social media platforms and requested everyone to shout out for the cause, shout out for HoJo – The Last Hope for Water.

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