Ajmera trends to open 200 new stores

Surat (Gujarat) [India], March 8: Ajmera Trends, a prominent player in India’s fashion industry, is gearing up for robust expansion plans in the fiscal year 2024-25. Known for its affordable yet trendy clothing options, Ajmera Trends aims to significantly increase its retail presence by opening up to 200 new stores in the upcoming fiscal year.

As per a statement from a company representative, Ajmera Trends, backed by the reputable Ajmera Fashion, has already made considerable strides in its expansion efforts. With over 50 stores rolled out across India in the current fiscal year alone, the brand is poised for further growth before the fiscal year concludes in March 2024. This expansion drive will bring the total number of Ajmera Trends outlets close to the impressive milestone of 75 stores.

Despite prevailing market challenges and fierce competition, Ajmera Trends remains steadfast in its commitment to expansion. The brand’s aggressive growth strategy reflects its confidence in the demand for affordable yet stylish fashion options, even in challenging times.

Ajay Ajmera, the visionary founder and CEO of Ajmera Fashion and Ajmera Trends, emphasized the brand’s determination to meet the evolving needs of its customers. “We are excited about the opportunity to further expand Ajmera Trends’ footprint across India. Our focus remains on offering high-quality, affordable fashion for women and children, and we are confident that our expansion efforts will enable us to reach even more customers,” stated Ajay Ajmera.

Ajmera Trends’ steadfast commitment to providing accessible fashion options underscores its resilience and long-term vision in the dynamic retail landscape.